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PCI’s Philosophy


Choosing a Medical Office Management system or a Billing Agent can be difficult. There are many companies out there and some of them do a very good job for you. Some offer good pricing, but lack in service. Others offer good service, but lack in features while others offer features but cost twice what you want to spend.


At PCI, we believe you, the customer, should have the ability to choose. Most vendors of Medical Software or Billing Agent services  (where we do the billing submission and reconciliation for you) offer you software “bundles” or “all-inclusive” services. (We offer those as options too, but only to save you money.) We believe if you don’t need Technical Support, or Appointment Scheduling you shouldn’t be forced to buy it.


The point is, you should have choices!  Save money, only pay for what you need.


PCI’s BillMINDER Software for Windows

The BillMINDER Software System combines the experience of it’s developers with the input of it’s clients to produce software that is modular and fully featured while being robust enough for the largest group practice yet user friendly enough for the solo physician to use him or herself. It is known for it’s high quality and reliability – we’re so confident in it we’ll let you try it, or give you a discount if you simply purchase on our good reputation.  Features, speed, user friendliness and very competitive pricing. What better definition of value could you want?

PCI’s OHIP Billing Agent Services

Our billing service is of the highest quality, helping ensure you get paid what you are owed and on time and using our own high quality software so we are not dependant on 3rd parties for fixes or updates and you will never get “caught in the middle” by a dispute between your billing agent and it’s software vendor of choice or a changeover of systems.  We will get your billings in on time and on price. NEW Our billing agent service is now provided by KC McKEE Medical Development.


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